The Little Emperor Generation

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Today I bring you a slightly controversial topic here in China. I see it every day in the streets of the city where I live. And although it is already familiar, I still wonder… where do these elder get so much energy to do this??
Here it is normal for the grandparents to take the main role in the upbringing of their grandchildren. In many families, children are handed over to their grandparents when they are still newly born. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the pressure on young parents to work extra hours and to comply with professional and financial goals.
In Venezuela, it is also common to see some grandparents taking care of their grandchildren during business hours, while the real parents work or attend college. In Germany, young adults are taught to be independent and take care of their own children, and in case of not having financial stability to start a family or have children, then are dissuaded from doing so. Grandparents can visit and be visited, but they are not  involved as a main figure, in the upbringing of the grandchildren.
Here in China, many debate whether an elder is the best choice to raise a child. It is said, grandparents, care so much for their grandchildren, that barely let them fall or do activities where there are at little risk to be hurt. It is also said that they spoil them so much that they barely let them cry and the term “Little Emperor” has become common to define the most recent generation.
On the other hand, many criticize that grandparents are not in position to give all their energy to raise her grandchildren, and that they should have their space and time to relax or do any other activities they enjoy.
However, many grandparents are really pleased and happy to have the responsibility of these small lives. They think that they are the only ones capable of transmitting cultural values and traditions, and that only with them, the children will be well cared and loved.
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