In the Mountains around Shenzhen

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Shenzhen is a modern mega city build from the scratch in a place where in the mid-nineties there was nothing but a small fishing village. It attracted a lot of people from all over China who came here in hope for a better future and now it forms the connection point between the two other mega cities in this area: Hongkong and Guangzhou. Every year around the Chinese New-Years festival one of the worlds biggest migrations happens from these three cities out to all over China, as people go back to see their relatives.

But even though Shenzhen is situated in such an overpopulated area, one of the cities major characteristics is the percentage of parks for recreation. It is an incredibly green city. People are aware of their environment and the educational standard here is higher than in most parts of China. It is an expensive but nice place to be. Therefore in Shenzhen you can enjoy at the same time a vibrant city life and some beautiful natural scenery.

Behind our friends home for example there are some mountains with fresh spring water and a water reservoir. A lot of people believe that the spring water here is extra healthy so they carry up empty canisters to fetch water and carry the full canisters down again. I do not know if the water really has some healing powers but all the efforts to get it are surely not bad for the people who come here.

Leaving the fountain behind it becomes more and more rural. No cars allowed on this hiking path, so construction workers have to carry their materials up on horses building up some kind of fence next to the great graffiti wall. Though these are not the best graffiti, it is nice to see some modern street art.

Then besides the official hiking path there is a  dirt track leaving to a restaurant which Taro was praising before. And in deed it is amazing to see, that so close to this mega city you can find a place like this, where the animals are grown under more or less happy circumstances and slaughtered at the same place without long transportation, a reason that makes me agree on eating meat as well. Where the vegetables are grown just next to you.  Even though the food is simple but just the fact that you can see its origin while eating, gives it an amazingly pure taste.

The night falls over us without us realizing and with our last bite we can hardly see ten meters in front and have to crawl up the dirt path. As the temperatures cool down a bit in the night time, a lot of people come up the mountain to do exercise or just enjoy the romantic view over the city. Hudie joins a group of people walking barefoot on little stones and some even join in her clapping as she is walking back and forth.

Enjoy the video!

(One Warning: the video shows the killing of a duck. Not because I personally like the killing, but I think it is an important part of meat consumption. So if you are to sensitive for this, you should switch of the video as soon as we enter the restaurant)

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