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By circumstances of life, this weekend I ended up visiting the city of Guangzhou; a very modern, cosmopolitan and lively city located in the South of China.

This time my Chinese friends introduced to me the fast speed train and we traveled comfortably for  six quick hours instead of what would have taken us 23 hours if traveling in the normal speed train.

david y yoThe train was clean and the service was very efficient. It was also pleasant watching the changes in nature while the train was moving forward. Leaving the north so quickly to enter into the South it could be seen  an impressive contrast between the landscapes. First the gray winter and its naked trees and suddenly the tropical warm of the south with all its magnificence….Green palm trees,  and a blue sky filled our eyes.

Once in Guangzhou we wandered around trying to find a nice place locguangzhouated near a business area so my friends could have their already settled meeting. In our taxi there was a written regulation indicating that only women ad children were allowed to seat in the front… what do you think of this??


By the afternoon we passed by a restaurant that serves as the House specialty, Chinese Giant Salmander… I never saw this amphibian before and I was totally impressed of its outlook. Salamander could grow up to 1.6 meters or more and are very singular creatures. They have 4 toes on the forelimbs and 5 on the hind limbs, and no claws… and it is important to mention that this specie is listed as ‘critically endangered’ which means there is a high risk of extinction in the immediate future. Please, don’t eat or pet them…






As I said before the city was very modern, fully developed, full of tourists and was full of both, local and foreign business men everywhere.

I could see a big difference between people in Zhengzhou and this city. Even the way they dress is very fashionable. The prices -of course- higher, there is a wide selection of international restaurants and the hygiene according to the western standards was also really good; and even though we could not visit much of this city, we went key spots like a Latino dance club where they serve rum and people go to enjoy the salsa rhythms.

We luckily found a store selling my precious and almost disappeared “Harina de maiz”. This is corn meal and it is the main ingredient to make Venezuelan breakfast arepas or empanadas. In this opportunity, the corn meal was made in Colombia and by the way, it was a very expensive imported product with a price of 125 RMB!.

harina pan

harinapam2Guangzhou is a very pleasant place and for sure we would go back with more time to keep discovering about this city and its people!




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