Eating at a Chinese Home

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At  the moment I have been living in China for 9 months, still not time enough to be able to speak fluently but at least able to communicate in a basic way.

The coexistence with Chinese people has been opening more and more since I keep progressing in the learning of the language, I have local friends with whom I spent time and  who happily introduce me to the culture.  Therefore, today I would like  to dedicate some words to the delicious home made meals that I have had the opportunity to join here.

First, let me tell you that the culinary experience is very different to what I have experienced before. In Germany usually they cook a big meal and they place the tray on the table so everybody can self serve. They always accompany the meals with a nice salad, wine, and most of the times a dessert. In Venezuela we cook sup and  a main course. Usually the cook will serve every dish with a portion of rice or smashed potatoes, a portion of any type of meat, a portion of beans or fried bananas and maybe if possible, a portion of salad. If somebody wants more he just asks or goes to the kitchen to get more.

In China we have been luckily invited to a few homes to enjoy some popular and fresh home made food. The way they cook and serve the dishes calls my attention. Usually they cut, season and cook several types of vegetables and meat and serve them separately, making the table look so full and of course making my belly totally satisfied!

The first time I enjoyed a dinner in a family house I was surprised how much energy and effort the lady of the house and her mother invested preparing the meal. There were around 7 different small and medium sized dishes on the table, all filled with delicious Chinese flavours.

In this opportunity we visited our friend Sonia. Unfortunately we arrived too late to participate in the elaboration of the dinner. But in the following pictures you can have a nice example of how it is and if your imagination is good you would probably get an idea of the smell and taste!

Next please enjoy the famous jiaozi which are dumplings filled in this case with vegetables, sweet pork meat, lamb and beef, fresh cherry tomatoes and some vegetables cooked in the traditional Chinese pan called wok…Ummm have a good meal!

jiaozi de vegetales



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