A Chinese Foodmarket

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01 shops panoramaToday we take you with us to buy our weekly groceries. It sounds boring but I have to say I really enjoy, because here in China you still can choose if you want to buy your stuff in a big supermarket or if you want to go to a local food market. And I like these local markets. Here the sellers still know where they got their stuff from and they can give you advice about how to best use their stuff. If it is vegetables, spices, meat, fruits, fresh noodles or tofu or cooking equipment the seller know what they are selling. Not like in a supermarket where you often have some kind of part-time employee who does not care at all about what he sells you.  In Germany you can find weekly markets which are a bit similar to this food markets, just that here they are open every day.

01 hanaffan carrzing backpack entering marketplaceSo lets get our big backpack and get what we need for the week.  First we got to go the eggs-lady.here we can get happy-chicken-eggs, rice, oats, spices, oil, peanuts, actually everything necessary for cooking besides meat and vegetables. 01 Eggwoman

From here the next stop is our vegetable-man. On our way we pass the slaughterer who I do never visit because the animals here look far from being happy. But he lets us take some pictures. He sells chicken, ducks, doves, and even dogs. Next to the slaughterer is the fish-woman who I never buy from just for the same reasons.01 unhappy chicken shop 02 01 unhappy chickenshop 01 fishshop

Then we get to the vegetable-man. It is Sunday noon and as usual he is having a nap at this time. But usually his wife goes to wake him up for us, but as it seems not today. Today his wife is attending us. We get all the vegetables we need for less than 30 RMB.01 verduras 01 verduras 03

Opposite the vegetables there are the meat vendors, selling every kind of meat that is not slaughtered at the slaughterer, like beef, pork, lamb. Even though we never buy from them they still greet us friendly every time we come around to buy our vegetables. 01 carneceria 01 carniceria 02

Then we stop by the cake selling couple where Hudie always likes to buy some sweet cake.

Next stop is the fruit seller, my favourite shop, because I like fruits and because it is so colourful. Here we get some bananas, pears and mandarins.

That’s it. We have everything we need for a week. As a little reward for our work we stop by the glacéed fruits seller and enjoy some glacéed strawberries and grapes. Nice!!

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