Big bang Popcorn

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A lot of times we went to the nightmarket to eat some nice snacks, we could hear this strange loud noise, which some how sounded like a big firecracker and which made surrounding E-bikes start beeping because they though somebody was trying to steal them.

So of course one day we had to go and see what this noise was about. When we got there we saw this old sympatic man turning a closed metal container over a little fire. While turning the container the man kept on looking on a thermostat which measured the temperature in the container. Once the necessary temperature is reached, he gets the container out of the fire holds it into a bag and opens it. As the container was vacuum sealed, it opens with a big bang as the pressure releases.

The final popcorn looks a bit different then usual popcorn, as the combination of heat and pressure seemed to make the corn explode even better. Every popcorn has the form of a close to perfect round shape. The container also works for poprice, which is good for losing weight. The man sold us a little bag of poprice and one of popcorn for 15 RMB, which sounds like a fair price to us. Especially as we never saw somebody making popcorn this way.

Thanks for the lesson!!


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