Seven Sessions of Acupuncture

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One of my many fun experiences in China was going to acupuncture sessions to heal my right knee. I have always had problems with my legs, nothing really serious but small issues that I like to keep under control. Now, in China just at the beginning of the Fall, a small pain came to bother my right knee and was preventing me to plenty enjoy my daily morning work out routine. My friend Sheng recommended me the Chinese traditional Medicine and a doctor who is friend of his to help me deal with this trouble.

As you might know already Acupuncture is a technique where fine needles are inserted under the skin to treat a variety of health conditions, and has been practiced in China for thousands of years. So knowing this I decided to adventure myself into this traditional treatment.

The Doctor was a middle age man that had a small office that he liked to call “his clinic” to attend mainly patients suffering from joint pains, headaches, menstruation pain and elder people suffering from the pain caused by rheumatism. As soon as I entered into the clinic he could guess my problem..swollen knees and legs due to liquids retention, poor blood circulation, located overweight, and sore muscles caused by little resistance to the cold weather.¬† Then he asked me to come inside the treatment room and the acupuncture started!.

At the beginning I was asking several questions because I felt insecure about the needles. I didn’t see him opening any sterilized bag and taking the needles out of it. He just went to another room and brought them on his hands wearing no gloves. He calmed me down by explaining the procedure of sterilization and where he used to store them once they were clean. Also he assured me he cleaned his hands before grabbing the needles. Once I relaxed a bit we agreed to do the treatment in both legs for seven sessions. It will heal my knee and will help the other to loose the retained liquids.

A week passed by and within it I had experienced three acupuncture sessions. My knee was feeling a little bit better already so I decided to continue with the treatment and this time take Hanaffan with me to film it.

We arrived to the small clinic and I placed myself in the same bed for the already known ritual. The doctor touched my knee, my joint and found the source of the problem, then immediately sank the first needle into my flesh, at the same time adjusting the depth and making sure that it reached the tendon. I was already accustomed to feel¬†a prick in the brain… yes! incredible, but it was so. Then while speaking to me trying to distract me from the needles, sank the second and then the third and so on until it was done. After 30 minutes he applied the Fire Therapy which consisted in burning some herbal liquid on a cotton pad placed on top of my kneed being careful not to burn my skin. This with the purpose of curing my muscle from the coldness that was settled there.

After seven sessions it had worked! My knee stopped hurting and after a while my legs came to normal size again!

Take a look of this trim video and get an idea of how it is! MI definitely recommend it!




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