Er’qi Tower Memorial Building

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Zhengzhou Er’qi Tower is a must see in Zhengzhou. We always pass by and enjoy the lively atmosphere and the beauty of the traditional characteristics of Chinese architecture. So, today we bring you a little history courage to fight for the right. .

The Er’qi Tower was built in memory of the workers’ strike on February 7, 1923. This building is a twin tower with 63 meters in height and a total of 14 stories. It is decorated with archaic cornices. The roof is covered wCIMG0791ith green glazed tiles; and when it is viewed from the east or west, it’s a single tower; but then it is viewed from the South or North it is a twin tower.


In the tower, the exhibition hall displays all kinds of historical relics, pictures and written materials of the strike, also the visitors can climb the winding tower to the top of the tower, getting a complete panorama of Zhengzhou City.

The History tells that workers at the Jinghan Railway set up a labor union on February 1, 1923, but the feudal warlords, in total disagreement destroyed the union. The worker’s congress decided to have a general strike on CIMG0779February 4th, so the Nationalist Army and the warlords supported by Japan implemented a brutal repression. The workers did not surrender and fought together against the warlords, winning at last. Unfortunately, during the strike, over 40 people were murdered and more than 300 innocent citizens were injured, which aroused national workers’ indignation. However, in 1951 the tower was built in the center of Zhengzhou city as a memorial to commemorate the strike.


In order for more people to remember these martyrs, there is a special screen27 tower where people can find specific materials about them and even send virtual flowers through an app!.

Also the Towers is located in a prosperous section surrounded by  many shopping malls, department stores, restaurants, hotels, and street vendors where you can get delicious ice creams or fresh fruits to eat on the way!.


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