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Now we reach the other side of the river and here are at least as many people standing and waiting to cross. We get our luggage and start crawling on shore. Immediately a big group of youngsters surround us offering their service to carry our luggage. But after the incidence with the Motortaxi drivers on the other side of the river I am really pissed with whoever asks me for money, no matter what they want to sell me.

So instead of paying somebody to help us, I get the carrier out of our luggage, try to pack it nice and stable and then make our way over this uneven dirt path to the road which is about one kilometre in front of us. All this I am doing accompanied by laughter of people surrounding us which does not really calm down my temper. Luckily we have this woman with us who took her chance and acted as if she were part of our organisation to cross the river. She does us the favour of carrying at least one of the big bags on her head, while I pull the big suitcase on the carrier. But still, every once in a while the uneven ground would make the suitcase fall of, no matter how tight I bind it up. Of course all well observed by surrounding people. I am so concentrated on my anger, which is growing and which through lack of sleep and an exhausted body becomes difficult to control, that I do not really pay attention to all the damaged houses, fields and existences that we pass on our way.

Finally reaching the bus and Hudie stays outside and takes care that our luggage will be well stored while I go in to save us two seats. A lot of drunken people around me which not really improves my mood, but after a time I have to realize, that the majority of these people lost their homes here, and are now going to stay with some relatives away from the river. A lot of them literately lost everything. They were promised help, of course from foreign donors as well. But the little bit, that reached the people in need at the bottom line was close to nothing. That is because after being filtered through a really corrupt society in this country, nothing really reached this area here. People are suffering, and I get mad when they somehow try to make a living. We even accepted special treatment by crossing the river sooner than anybody. I feel quite bad about this, but ok, think positive and try to control this unavoidable upcoming ignorance.

The bus keeps moving and we still have hope to reach Nampula before night time. But just as we are about to relax, the bus stops again. An other bridge, that is not crossable any more and we have to get of the bus and walk to the other side, to take an other transportation from there. People are leading us of the road into the fields. when we leave the road I see a car in the distance, that is just at the point of falling down the collapsed bridge. We pass through the fields and come to a little handmade bridge, where a guy collects 20 Metticais from every person to cross.

On the other side we get on an other bus. But this one after an hours ride stops again. An other bridge that was being destroyed, and which workers are trying to make passable under the supervision of a Chinese engineer. It does not look like that we will be able to pass this bridge today, so we ask the bus driver to hand us our luggage and cross the bridge by foot. We find an other bus on the other side, but it would not drive until it is full, so we wait.

While we wait our friend Ismael calls us and asks where we are. “Really, you crossed the River all ready and you are close to Alta Maluqe? Incredible, your were even faster than my brother, I think he just crossed the river! I am in Alta Maluqe and wait here for you.” That finally is good news. We did not hear from him for long time, because our battery was empty or there was no signal and we did not expect to actually see him here close to Nampula. So nothing to worry about any more. Just wait till the bus starts moving and then meet our friend, who surely will take care of us.

We are waiting for quite some time and there is this man coming into the bus. His face looks really similar to our friends. He also looks at us. Really it is our friends brother. It feels good to know, that soon we will be with friends again.

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