Packing up for Mozambique!

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People who know me personally, also know my fascination for Africa….Maybe it is because my roots are calling me!

Four years ago, Hanaffan, who also shares this passion for Africa, took me to Mozambique. A land that we sincerely love.

Mozambique is an enchanting country, full of warm people and magic on the air. It is difficult to describe such a place with words; but something is clear: I always wanted to come back.

Now, starting 2015, and after a year of saving’s predestined to this trip. We’re finally going!. We want to visit our friends in Bilibiza and check the options to move to this country in a couple of years.

DSCN0098 DSCN0159

But as an important journey, it requires some planning.
For us, a journey consists of three stages. The first; preparation, the second is the trip itself and thDSCN0041e third, the post-trip, including memories and photos. Today, I‘ll tell you a bit about the first stage. And take advantage of the opportunity, to thank all of those people out there, who have put in this project special consideration.


In Bilibiza, a remote and forgotten Mozambican village, there are so many needs as children, women and men. Here in China abound what for them is necessary and very difficult to access. Our heart‘s desire, is to help all the village someday, but at present we can only contribute with a tiny part.

DSCN0100Today, in collaboration with some of our students, with many of our colleagues and friends, and with a little effort on our part, we have managed to collect clothes for all ages and genders, toys, soccer balls, threads and needles, seeds and few medicines!

Yesterday, we had the task to organize everything by category and pack the first suitcase. We got everything in space saving bags, but there is still more clothes and another suitcase to be filled. All this plus our backpacks and equipment.

CIMG0727Now we need to be ready for the journey. We already know that  once we leave home, heading to Africa, we are going to go up and down stairs. We are going to take a long distance train, some taxis, many buses for short and long distances. We will ride many cars and even walk along rural road; carrying all this luggage, in order to deliver it at the right place.

In the end, all will be worth it!!!


 Any suggestion about what to bring for them?

Special Thanks…
To all, thank you very much for your valuable contribution. It will be very- very appreciated and will make some people very happy!…

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