This Page

Why do we do this?

Why are we putting all this efforts into this page? Hudie left her life in Caracas behind because she did not want to sit in front of the computer the whole day every day any more. Hanaffan did not even like people taking pictures of him. And still did we agree to spend quite some time on this project which is now called
We together are now living a life which for many people is difficult to imagine. It is not better but different. We do not expect anybody to follow our way as in general everybody has to find out what is best for her or him. But a lot of times we hear people wanting do something but in the end they do not because they have doubts or are afraid. Hopefully with this page we will be able to give some of you some inspiration, motivation and help. You like travelling, not just for sightseeing but to get to know the country and its people? Here we got some impressions form our traveling. If you want to live self sustainable then accompany us here on our long way of learning. If you are thinking about moving and living abroad maybe even with a foreign partner, then accompany us and get prepared here.
Furthermore in this time where there are less bridges built but borders enforced, we hope that by keeping this page multilingual we will somehow attribute to more intercultural understanding and awareness about us humans not being all that different. Just sometimes we have different ways to reach the same means. But the final means are all very similar.
And finally of course we want to promote ourselves. We hope that this page in three to four years will be popular enough to make our dream in Mozambique possible. Our basic income there in the beginning will depend on tourism and therefore we will need advertisement. So sure, we also have some interest connected to this page: we hope that our future projects will benefit from it.

The name

Actually the name is not our creation but was offered to us by the people behind and, an other international family and surely some of our best friends. But the meaning is great and the name is catchy so we are very thankful for this great domain-name. It sounds like the English “I” but actually exceeds its meaning as it comes from Chinese and means love. As long as you do something with love you can do everything.
Sure “love” is a word that has at least as many meanings as there are people on this world, but it usually has positive connotations. So for us doing something with love means to do something without any intention of unnecessary harm.
Ok, this still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So maybe our example our project in Mozambique. We want to build up an environment in which we live in harmony with nature and in which locals and visitors respect each other and learn from each other. Still we will cut trees for construction and we will eat chicken from time to time, but we will let them grow and live as happy as we can let them.
This is love in our actions, but there is also love between people, basically it can be understood as not wanting any harm for others. This love builds trust and with trust people can reach a lot of things, just like Hanaffan and Hudie did until now.