Let me tell you that Hudie is my virtual name and means butterfly in Chinese, a connotation which is very meaningful to me.

I’m an amateur baker, a blogger, a language teacher, a fitness and health enthusiastic, and a DIY supporter. I speak three languages fluently and I expect to learn at least 2 more in the next 3 years. I enjoy open air gardening and hiking, taking travel photos and enjoy bird watching. I’m also a supporter of animal rights, a green parent and the wife to an amazing and confident visionary. He inspired me to leave behind a traditional, stressful job and work to enjoy my own life more and provide a little inspiration for others.

Originally from a humble working class family in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, where always “the situation is difficult” I am accustomed to struggle.

Life in my childhood was simple. We didn’t have extra money for luxuries or traveling and the only request from our parents was to study hard so that one day we could all the things that they could not offer us.
One of my most significant memories is that in the times of school holidays when we ran out of ideas and creativity to do things and play inside the house and the extreme boredom flooded our home, I used to sat on the bed and look through the window. Actually the only thing to see were old cars and stray dogs. Looking up I could see the tall buildings in the vicinity, but if looked a little bit further above I could see a piece of blue sky… by that small area I could eventually see airplanes passing by and I fantasized about me traveling to far latitudes, the same as we saw on Christmas films or in the photographs of foreign magazines. Even those remote places that we saw in the books of the Grimm’s Brothers.

My mother always told me that it was impossible for people “like us” get on a plane because it was extremely expensive. Then would add: “you must study hard if one day you want to be up there”.
At that time I did not understand the relationship between studying and an airplane, but certainly for more than one decade learning was my motivation.

My life changed favorable when I found a good job in a well-known Japanese company. This place became a second home for me, my colleagues would become family in the following years.
Then, when the time arrived I decided to give myself a treat.
I finally ended up in the mountains of the Tirol in Innsbruck, Austria. A magnificent and unforgettable place where seems like the snowy mountains are romantically kissing the small valley and the village. Actually, it was like the drawings of the Grimm’s Brother’s tales.

From there I started to schedule every possible time to travel in my country and abroad.
My desire was to see the world, the ways people live in other places, their customs, what makes them happy or miserable. My interest was far away from what was the tendency in my home city: plastic surgery, getting a nice car, having the last smart phone and social status.

Eventually, and through, I found a great local community with a different vision to the world. Here my interest about living a meaningful, holistic and Eco friendly life began.
As a plus I met there whom today is the love of my life, my companion and the father of my child: Hanaffan. Well… the love story will be told in another time!.

Once Hanaffan and I decided to start our life together, we thought to move to a neutral place. Neither Venezuela nor Germany. We opted for China.

Certainly my life gave a great twist. I had to learn to be and work as an English Teacher, learn to understand and speak mandarin, to adapt myself to a calmer life, to deal with the four seasons of the year, to accept that I was an outsider, to deal with the frustration of not being able to find groups or friends with the same interests as me, to calm down my exotic personality and to understand and embrace the challenges of being in a multicultural relationship.

On the other hand the fact of being away from my comfort zone brought the urge for me to learn new interesting things, cultivate myself during my free time, use the time efficiently, get to know me better and take the time to verify the things I can do to bring positiveness into this planet.

The life here goes much more slowly than in other places and so we are out of the rat race somehow.

Fortunately, in my new slower-paced life, I am discovering the many benefits of living a simply, conscious and natural life. and it is my desire to use all my experience, knowledge and passion to share, inspired others and definitely contribute to the positive change of the world.