This is us


We were just Penelope and Marc for a long time. We got to know each other more than ten years ago in Venezuela, when the situation in this beautiful country was still kind of stable. Since then we came a long way to get where we are now. We kept a long distance relationship for more than 5 years before we decided to start living together on neutral grounds. This mainly means a place, where we both would be equally far away from friends and family, equally alone, equally depending on each other. That is mainly how we ended up in China in around 2013.

Having survived the initial period of adaptation to each other and for Penelope also to this new culture, we felt sure, that we were able to build up a beautiful family together. Even though we knew that starting a family would limit our freedom we decided to start as long as we were still young and healthy. And so it came that in 2016 Salome joined our life.

As we plan to keep on living in foreign countries, we thought that it would be healthier for our lovely daughter to not be alone, therefore we decided to have one more child as soon as possible. And so it came that in 2018 Milena joined our life.

Now our family is complete and we live together in Shenzehn, China. As we do not have any grandparents around, our children occupy big part of our time, but luckily China also gives us the possibility to have this time for our children. We love traveling and you will find a lot of information about our adventurous journeys in the past, but for now, until our little ones are a little bigger, family is the center of our life and the new content you will find here will be mainly connected to our experiences of living in China, raising multilingual children and intercultural relationships.