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Our Plan this summer was to travel all the way from Zhengzhou in China to Germany by hitch-hiking. In the end we had to cut the trip down a bit, because we were under time pressure and hitch-hiking and time pressure are surely not the best combination. So we skipped central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) taking a plane from west China to Tehran. It were the countries with the most complicated Visa regulations for us and they would have taken us a lot of time just dealing with bureaucracy.

Still it was an amazing trip and by hitch-hiking and with the help of the couchsurfing community, we were able to get really deep impressions of all the places we visited. At the same time it was an other adventure that brought Hudie and me even closer together. It surely is a good sign, when you are 24/7 together over a long period of time, under out-of-routine-circumstances and you still enjoy being together.

Of course we were really nervous before we started, especially as it had been more than two years since we had been hitch-hiking the last time. There were a lot of doubts but one aim of this journey was as well to show, that this world is not as bad as it is presented in today’s mass media. So we started quite nervous at a toll station here in Zhengzhou, but really, as soon as the first car stopped and Mr Zhang, a kind hearted middle aged Chinese man gave us a lift, though only for a few kilometres, all doubts were gone. Often the best thing to overcome your fears of failing when doing something, is to just do it.

In the end there was no reason to be afraid. It was just an incredible journey of which we will give you much more details in the future. To give you a little taste of it, here a small, nice video:


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