And We Arrive to Ishmael

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After all that has happened to get here finally we get off the bus. We introduce ourselves with the brother of Ismael, and from that moment we feel at home. Soon after comes Ishmael, what a great joy to seeing him!. We are all so happy.
We go in his 4X4 to a gasoline station belonging to his cousin. Here we relax while talking about the travel stories. The difficulties that both his brother and we experienced crossing the river, the damage suffered by the country. He says that north of Mozambique has no  energy for three weeks now and that poverty has increased as a consequence of this. However, they are prepared with generators and enjoy a true comfort in the middle of this chaos. They serve us a few cold beers and a hot meal: Fried chicken, French fries and rice. That is what is available.
We enjoy their company and before midnight we are already in his house. Here there is no generator and there is no light, but we are so happy that yet this detail doesn’t affect us at all. Ishmael prepares us a good room with a large bed and clean sheets. We shower and feel exhausted, so we go to sleep. Already tomorrow we will go to a place called Ilha de Mozambique… By what I have heard and what I have read, it is a very peculiar island. An iconic place in the world and of course in this country. We will let you know soon.

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